We grow tons of organic garden starts and deliver them to area stores and nurseries. There’s also the produce--berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and all sorts of yummy stuff--brought to the Bellingham Farmers’ Market April-October. Since 1997, we’ve worked with the earth and our local community, striving to find a a responsible, human way to make a living and contribute to the needs of the community. It’s nice to reflect with appreciation for all the support we’ve gotten over the years, and redouble our efforts to do it in a way that serves the greater good.

To this end, we will be expanding the portion of our field that is dedicated each year to growing specifically for donation to the Bellingham Food Bank. If you would like to volunteer and lend a hand with this portion of the work, drop us an email with “food bank” in the subject line.

Thanks for visiting our site, and thanks so much for supporting our farm!!

Growing organic produce and garden starts in Whatcom County since 1997

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